Mary/ January 7, 2015/ Books, Culinary, Food, Literary

I found this lovely book, Fictitious Dishes, by Dinah Fried, earlier this year. I knew it would be a great Christmas present for my sister.

She shares my love of food and cooking….and books.  We trade books back and forth, keep each other up to date on the goings on in our respective book clubs and have been known to read lovely passages from books over the phone to each other.

She is a treasured kindred spirit.  So this book seemed perfect.  It’s a photo book of meals: ones that have been written about in various well known books. Here are a few examples, below:

-To Kill a Mockingbird
-Madame Bovary
-The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

What a treat!

Fic pic 2Fic pic 1Fic pic 3Fic pic 4