We are often asked: “What are you passionate about?”

Me? All the arts. Culinary, literary, performing, visual… and more!
Every aspect of my life has “art” of some sort in it.

I’m a foodie. I cook, entertain, drool over cookbooks. I set grand tables, I experiment with
recipes. I love to cook for people, showering them with love.

I’m in two book clubs and read voraciously, a couple books a week…I adore all kinds of fiction, the classics, bio’s, memoires, self-help books, fluffy pulp fiction. I’m entranced by the covers too.

I taught myself how the play the guitar at 13. I’ve performed in high school musicals, sung in
vocal ensembles. My son is a jazz musician and I love getting the chance to sing with his trio…

I’m an avid theatre goer, and Symphony subscriber. I studied languages/literature/linguistics in my twenties and then worked in advertising. I went back to school to study Interior Design, just before turning 30. I love typography. I’m an artist and work in pastel and acrylic, producing semi-abstract/nature-y works.

I sew clothes, and things for the house. I knit and crochet. I love to seek out great finds in thrift
stores and create wearable art.

I’ve created an amazing sanctuary garden filled with art objects I’ve scavenged. I sand, I paint, I refinish, I repurpose. I have a darling 1930’s home where I’ve raised my wonderful son.

So…. I guess this is about all these things, and about artful relationships, parenting, gifting, living and loving…. about the art part of my heart.

Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing my musings, adventures, exploits and inspiration….


  1. You are a wonderful inspiration!

  2. Mary Congratulations on your book! What an accomplishment. Love how you pursue your love of food, art, colour creativity. Hope you are doing great.

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