A Meal with Friends

Mary/ June 1, 2015

It was more like a dozen meals, shared with friends this weekend. My wonderful globe-trotting friends Kathy and Frank were booked into a beautiful ocean front resort on the west coast of Vancouver Island (that

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Celebrate Everything

Mary/ May 11, 2015

Until Further Notice: Celebrate Everything I read this line on the memorial plaque on a bench in a lakeside park, visiting my Dad last summer. Good advice, really. I’m all for celebrating everything.

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Beautiful Breakfast

Mary/ April 22, 2015

My son ran in the Vancouver Sun Run this last Sunday and needed a good breakfast. It ended up being coconut/banana multigrain pancakes with yogurt.  Yum. I’ve been experimenting with food photography and

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Mary/ April 10, 2015

When I told a friend of mine I wanted to get an ice-cream maker to try making my own treats, she gave me hers. She said: “I’ve just never used it – it’s

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Mary/ April 2, 2015

Let’s see, what’s in the fridge that I should be using while it’s fresh? What can I put on pasta tonite? What would be a good side dish? How can I make some

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Mary/ March 27, 2015

I’m having a blast. I’ve gotten organized on Instagram (the_art_part_of_my_heart) and I’m having so much fun, thanks to my friend Alison who showed me the ropes and explained how it works…. She just

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Mom-Son, Art-Heart

Mary/ March 17, 2015

Part one: I love seeing my 20 year old son find himself, in many ways…and he’s started to be interested in the clothes he wears. We are both fierce recyclers, thrift shop hunters,

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Mary/ March 9, 2015

I have this thing about texture….Actually what I’m talking about is the size and shape of ingredients. Chunky has its place (Waldorf Salad?) but I really like variation, and often finely chopped things.

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Cooking with Glass

Mary/ March 7, 2015

I love my glass cookware. Along with my beloved cast iron, it’s what I use the most. Top five reasons: -It is inexpensive to buy and replace and it is pretty darn durable.

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