Celebrate Everything

Mary/ May 11, 2015

Until Further Notice: Celebrate Everything I read this line on the memorial plaque on a bench in a lakeside park, visiting my Dad last summer. Good advice, really. I’m all for celebrating everything.

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Mary/ April 17, 2015

Each year I try to do a little art piece to donate to my friend’s fundraising gala. My friend has a daughter with autism. When her daughter started at the local public school

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Six Flowers

Mary/ April 14, 2015

I’ve been gathering ideas for the next artwork series. I’ve always loved flowers, leaves, stones, skies – any bit of natural design that I come in contact with. I also love getting flowers

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Mary/ April 7, 2015

I revel in the earlier daylight, in spring, in the hint of warmth in the air. Now that I’m able to wake up around sunrise, instead of crawling out of bed in the

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J is for Jody

Mary/ February 8, 2015

Our dear Jody left us Friday. She struggled longer than most with ALS and we were the richer for it. Her determination to stay present and stay connected with all of us as

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Dive Deeper

Mary/ November 30, 2014

Kathy’s Venter’s Art On a book club retreat in the Gulf Islands this summer, a bunch of us were touring around one day: at a farmers market, a winery, etc… At the end

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