Mary/ March 7, 2015/ Culinary, Food, Living

I love my glass cookware. Along with my beloved cast iron, it’s what I use the most.

Top five reasons:

-It is inexpensive to buy and replace and it is pretty darn durable.

-It goes from prep to fridge to oven, back to fridge again. Only one dish: cook-serve-store.

-You see how things are bubbling, progressing, browning (or burning) on the sides and bottom.

-It’s so easy to clean: just leave it in the sink overnight and whatever was on it will most likely
come off. (And you can easily tell when it’s clean!)

-It’s comforting to know that the material is inert.
(I still kinda cringe at Teflon surfaces – never have trusted them…)

Just to note:
One common tip is that you should reduce the oven temp by 25 degrees (Fahrenheit) when you are baking in glass pans. A good thing to check or try, especially if your oven runs a little hot, like mine.

Happy baking, pie making, casserole taking.