Mary/ November 25, 2014/ Decorative/Domestic, Living, recent

My office is at home.  Well, it’s in the garage: a wonderful funky 1930’s garage (complete with mechanic’s grease pit) that I’ve renovated.  Thankfully it is 30 paces from the house, through the garden, which allows for some much needed separation….but sometimes I find you have to get off the property and really leave town to have a break.

Early in October I got to escape to Saltspring Island and snapped this picture on the ferry coming home. What a gorgeous early October day; it actually still felt like summer.  My friend and I sat outside on a bench for a few hours that afternoon…away from everything…and felt rested from a quiet retreat at another friend’s gorgeous waterfront home.  I had time to visit an artist I’d love to work with, lots of down time on the deck, great chats, a cozy fireplace, peace and quiet.  Good for the soul.

I love skies. Skies are like theatre: changing daily, hourly.  Inspiring tableaus to calm us and remind us to breathe.