Mary/ November 9, 2015/ Books, cooking, Food, Literary, Living, Photography

The Art Part of my Heart was born and my first blog post published one year ago. What a great experience it’s been. I didn’t know what to expect, how things would evolve. I’ve enjoyed writing and have slowly been crafting, honing that skill; it’s been enjoyable to express myself through this medium.

It has helped me find beauty and write about it. I’ve made seeing beauty a daily practice, this helps me keep up the momentum on Instagram where I try and post a photo daily – a little easier than writing.

When I look at my IG gallery – just reached 200 posts – I see this style, MY style, showing through. A consistency, a certain quality….I invite you to check it out! Same name, just add underscores: the_art_part_of_my_heart

When I look back on my 60-something blog posts here on WordPress, I feel a sense of pride. Some of my favorites are: Food for the Heart: 3 movies: one of my earlier blog posts about great foodie movies, Words to Live By: about my love of poetry, and Spicy Salty Sweet: a recipe for glazed nuts that everyone seems to love.   Long Live the Kingsway is about my commute some days to my client’s office on a historical iconic road, Mom, got any books I can read? takes a spin around my library shelves, and Mom-Son, Art-Heart: is about my son recognizing and “getting” what that phrase means….

I recently attended a Vancouver Writers Festival event called “Platforms”. We were treated to a relaxed, candid discussion with our guest authors: Elaine Lui, who is behind the extremely popular blog, and Paige McKenzie, who’s YouTube Channel, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, has had 150 million views. They have both recently written books (Elaine’s is about her mother and Chinese culture, and Paige’s is a companion book that follows her YouTube video series about a young girl and her experiences with paranormal activity in her Pacific Northwest home).

Of course audience members asked them: What is the secret to success? They answered as others have answered before: hard work, dedication, authenticity, consistency in delivering. I guess it really is one day at a time, one post at a time. One follower, one like…at a time.

Linda Lomelino, a fantastic young, creative Swedish cake maker and photographer/blogger, with 500,000 followers on Instagram, me included, posted recently about her 6th anniversary doing what she does, saying: “I started six years ago with hardly any experience”…

Perhaps there’s hope for us all! Whatever you do, do what you love. Keep at it. I will too.