Mary/ May 20, 2017/ Literary, Living, My Book Project

INSPIRE, my first book and my labour of love for the last 3-4 years, is in print. It’s just arrived from the printer and it’s quite something to hold in my hands, and share it with the world!

What’s it about?  It’s hard to categorize. It’s about all kinds of ways to live an artful and creative life: there are chapters on art, food, gardens, kids, gifting, and clothes – all the various elements of our lives.

It’s about my stories, about creating connections with my friends, family, and my community. The community I treasure, and describe as a huge mature oak tree with the biggest, strongest, far-reaching branches, and the most robust roots.

How did I get my 3 year old to want to take a bath? What is a cost effective dish to take to a potluck? How do I entertain friends at mealtimes if I don’t cook? How do I get creative with my salads? What makes a memorable gift?

I’ve offered my creative solutions and lots of musings to inspire readers to step outside the box, take a basic recipe or solution and put their own individual spin on it.

Another key feature of the book is that it speaks to what is beyond the pretty room, the gorgeous garden, the yummy meal. It’s the heart and soul that lies beyond that; about creating, sharing, and the experience.

Here’s the blurb from the front cover flap:

With INSPIRE, interior designer, artist, and creative spirit Mary Chernoff provides readers with the encouragement, and how-to, to tap into their creative sides and live a more artful life.

Whether you’re just discovering your creative talents or seeking new ways to express yourself, INSPIRE is chock-full of ideas to help you connect with the beauty of your surroundings, bringing you closer to your children, family and friends, and community. From a multitude of art projects, recipes, kid-friendly crafts, and interior design tips to unique input on gifting, gardening, dressing, entertaining, and more, Mary shares the joy and excitement of living an artful and creative life, inspiring readers to do the same.

A collection of insightful stories, creative tips, and detailed instructions, using readily available materials and ingredients, INSPIRE is not just a beautiful photo-essay book but also a hands-on manual for creatives of every skill level, and on any budget. It is a rumination on finding beauty in the world around us – from the art part of Mary’s heart to yours. 

And on the back cover, there’s a great definition that sums it all up for me:

“Inspire” means:

-to make someone want to do something

-to give someone an idea about what to do or create

-to cause something to happen or be created

-to cause someone to have a feeling or emotion

I hope this book does that for you.  I welcome you to explore. Sign up for the newsletter! I’ll be doing a number of workshops and talks about various chapters in the book this summer, and I hope you can join.