Mary Chernoff authorMARY CHERNOFF is a Vancouver, BC, interior designer who is the epitome of living the creative life. She is passionate about all the
arts: culinary, literary, visual, and performing.

In her professional life, as principal of In-House Design Services for the last 25 years, Mary specializes in health care design, balancing acute care hospital projects with the spectrum of Independent and Assisted Living, and Complex and Dementia Care facilities design. Over the last few decades, she has witnessed and participated in the great change and improvement in elder care facilities. She offers a very hands-on, personal approach and gets involved in every detail of a project, from initial information gathering to hanging the last piece of art on the wall.

Mary’s connection to creativity began at an early age. From decorating her Barbie house with patches of carpet and postage stamp-sized photos to transforming her own bedroom with plants, curtains, and accessories in coordinating colours, and experimenting with fashion and hairstyles, Mary was hooked. Art equalled expression, and the only boundary was courage.

Mary studied languages, literature, and linguistics at university, and later worked in advertising, which fostered her love of typography and books. Eventually, she went back to school to study interior design, starting her own consulting company and teaching design courses at several community colleges. Upon becoming a mother, playing and exploring with her young son, she
found new ways of expressing herself creatively outside of her career and through everyday life.

Inspire is Mary’s first book. Having undertaken the design herself, it is yet another one of her creations. It features her own art and photography (as well as other artists’ work). Mary lives and creates in a tiny 1930’s home in a suburb of Vancouver and is an active blogger on living an artful and soul-filled life.

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Book details:
ISBN 978-0-9958994-0-7 ∙ 224 pages ∙ 10 x 12 ∙ colour throughout ∙ softcover ∙ $39.95 Can

PUB DATE: June 1, 2017

Contact: Mary Chernoff
Tel: 604-517-1444

Published by In-House Design Services Ltd., Vancouver, BC