Inspire: From the Art Part of My Heart
by Mary Chernoff

“The big picture is shaped by how we live the details.”

A global study has found that only 25% of people believe they are living up to their potential to be creative. Why is that? After work, family, and all of our personal obligations, coupled with our inability to unplug, we just don’t feel like there’s enough time left in the day. But there is a way to ignite that spark: by recognizing creative opportunities in our immediate surroundings, and by keeping it simple, affordable, and authentic.

In her new book, Inspire, interior designer, artist, and creative spirit Mary Chernoff provides us with the encouragement, and know-how, to live a more artful life. This book is about choices and stepping outside the box. It’s about saying, “why not?” About forging your own traditions and ways of living, and discovering and creating your own style. Inspire is chock-full of projects that can be created day in, day out, encouraging you to be unique, to express yourself, to save money, and often to simply enjoy the act of creating.

From a multitude of art projects, recipes, kid‐friendly crafts, and interior design tips to unique input on gifting, gardening, dressing, entertaining, and more, Mary shares the joy and excitement of living an artful and creative life, inspiring readers to do the same. Using much of what is available in our own homes and backyards, Inspire is a hands-on manual for those looking to tap into their creativity, or seeking new ways to express themselves, regardless of skill level or budget.

MARY CHERNOFF is a Vancouver, BC, interior designer who is the epitome of living the creative life. In her professional life, as principal of In-House Design Services for the last 25 years, Mary specializes in health care design, providing consulting services on new projects and renovations, both large and small scale. In her personal life, she is a foodie, singer, seamstress, hostess, gardener, and mother – a jack of all trades, with a knack for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. She lives and creates in a tiny 1930’s home and is an active blogger on living an artful and soul‐filled life.

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Book details:
ISBN 978-0-9958994-0-7 ∙ 224 pages ∙ 10 x 12 ∙ colour throughout ∙ softcover ∙ $39.95 Can

PUB DATE: June 1, 2017

Contact: Mary Chernoff
Tel: 604-517-1444

Published by In-House Design Services Ltd., Vancouver, BC