Mary/ March 27, 2015/ cooking, Culinary, Food, My Book Project, Photography, Visual

I’m having a blast. I’ve gotten organized on Instagram (the_art_part_of_my_heart) and I’m having so much fun, thanks to my friend Alison who showed me the ropes and explained how it works…. She just knew it would be a fabulous medium for me.

Wow! There’s a whole new world out there…I’m exploring food bloggers, stylists and photographers – the Instagrammers I’ve found, from all over the world, are spectacular! I’m in awe and so inspired.

Inspired to play with my blood oranges I was cutting up for a salad last weekend; they were so beautiful…so I grabbed a plate that matched and played with this composition.

I’m also inspired by my wonderful friend, Kathy, who’s doing the photography for my upcoming book. She’s showing me how lovely it is to shoot almost everything in natural light. I’m learning.

Inspired because it’s spring – and the beginning of my favorite six months. What bliss…I will savor each approaching week….and welcome the warmth that comes with the months ahead.

….and thanks Meryl for inspiring me to write this today!