Mary/ April 17, 2015/ Art, Visual

Each year I try to do a little art piece to donate to my friend’s fundraising gala. My friend has a daughter with autism. When her daughter started at the local public school my friend realized it just wasn’t the right place for her daughter to learn, so she and a few other mothers started their own school for autistic children.

Fast forward almost 10 years and the school is a going concern, an amazing place and a wonderful resource for students and their families. I’m so proud of my friend, and what she’s accomplished.

So I try to help in any way I can. One way is to create art for their gala’s silent auction. This year’s theme is centered on Britain: “A Royal Affair – All you need is love”.  I created a pair of small canvas tiles that had a flag motif background with text.

My friend’s daughter is an amazing artist, and she produces vast amounts of artwork weekly. I also lend a hand in organizing and framing/presenting her artwork for many appreciative buyers and recipients. It’s such a pleasure to collaborate with this young lady and be able to help by doing something that, to me, is all “play”.   I love it.