Mary/ March 17, 2015/ Decorative/Domestic, Food, Living

Part one:

I love seeing my 20 year old son find himself, in many ways…and he’s started to be interested in the clothes he wears. We are both fierce recyclers, thrift shop hunters, always trying to get the most out of our stuff, often in creative ways.

He had a nice shirt…used to be white…started looking a little yellow. Because it is not 100% cotton, it didn’t respond to bleach too well but it’s one of his favorites so after I tried to “fix” it without success, he asked “what about that shirt, did the bleach work?”…and I said…”ehhhh….didn’t work out too well. I can see why you like it, but some of the areas are looking a touch yellow…. How about we dye it pale yellow?”

“That’s a great idea. I don’t have a yellow shirt. That’s a real Art Part of your Heart thing to do, Mom.”


 Shirt 2

Part two:

Will came home around 10pm the other night. I thought he might be home for the night but no, he was just quickly dropping off his music gear from a gig, and then heading out to join friends. I wasn’t sure if he had had supper and asked if he was hungry. Yes, he said, but he was on the fly. OK! I had baked cheddar cheese scones earlier, trying out a gluten free flour blend. I toasted them and put a slice of cheddar inside and then cut up an apple. He grabbed a Ziploc bag and was on his way.

A short while later, my phone chirped that he had texted. Oh-oh, did he miss his bus? Or was something wrong?

Nope. He texted:

This is the best. I love “quick turn-arounds” like that. It’s something I will miss and remember fondly. Lol

We are both very aware of the fact that he’s heading off to travel in Europe for an extended period of time later this year, and our time together is finite and limited. We are savoring every bit and every bite.