Mary/ April 7, 2015/ Art, Literary

I revel in the earlier daylight, in spring, in the hint of warmth in the air. Now that I’m able to wake up around sunrise, instead of crawling out of bed in the dark, I’m fondly remembering one of my favorite poems, by Emily Dickinson:

Noon—is the Hinge of Day
Evening—the Tissue Door
Morning—the East compelling the sill
Till all the World is ajar

That is what it feels like these mornings: the east compelling the sill. Wake up! Spring to life! Behold!

Dickinson’s words were the ones that lured me into giving poetry a chance; sampling what it had to offer – they facilitated the beginning of a love affair with poetry. The phrases in this particular work inspired me to create a few paintings, way back…

These spring mornings feel that way too: inspiring a love affair with the world.

noon      evening