Mary/ February 22, 2015/ Food, Recipes

There’s always stuff in the fridge that needs to be….managed.  I do like to keep a full fridge so I can make anything I want at any time, but that comes with a high management factor.  Once a week I try and check it thoroughly to make sure nothing is wasting away, hidden in the back.

It’s always a fun challenge to take all those ingredients that need to be used and turn them into a good soup.  We freeze soup in individual containers for no-fuss lunches on work days. Boy, that comes in handy… for supper too.  Sometimes it requires some creativity!

This weeks roster included: broccoli, grated parmesan, and the accompanying rinds, cottage cheese, evaporated milk, mushrooms and potatoes. Into the pot went onions and bacon fat (always a good way to start a soup) and then mushrooms were added to the sauté.  Then some chicken stock, and the broccoli, potato and a bit of red pepper for colour. After a while, when the veggies were tender, the creamy/cheese items were added, which melted and blended in nicely.  By now, the potatoes were soft and thickening the soup.  Finally the rinds of the parmesan were hydrated and tender so I could mince them up and put them back in.

Voila!  Broccoli-mushroom-cheese soup, and a neat and tidy fridge.