Mary/ April 2, 2015/ Culinary, Food

Let’s see, what’s in the fridge that I should be using while it’s fresh? What can I put on pasta tonite? What would be a good side dish? How can I make some soup taste richer? What can I eat that is super lo-cal but still satisfying?

The answer to all these questions is roasted vegetables!

Roasting brings out such richness and flavor in veggies, and if they’re not perfectly crisp and fresh, well, after roasting, no one will notice. Not pristine and blemish free? No one will notice that either. I have such grand hopes at the beginning of the week for all my veggie purchases, then I have a crazy work week, no time to cook properly, and by the end of the week all the glorious veggies are. still. there.

What have you got? Zucchini? Mushrooms? Asparagus? Onion, celery, eggplant? Yams? Bell peppers? Anything goes.

roasted before

Cut them up, toss them in a spoonful or two of olive oil and place on a cookie sheet. I find salt is not really needed. Roast at 400 degrees or so, and check on them every 5-10 minutes and give them a turn so that all sides get caramelized. Keep going – push them till they’re getting dark brown around the edges. It’s magic how they take on another dimension of taste.

Eat your veggies. But roast them first.