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Good News Shoes

Mary/ December 28, 2015

I worked very hard this summer. I had two large project competitions going at the same time. Once the dust settled and they were submitted we then had to wait to hear….hear if

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This is a Dress

Mary/ July 28, 2015

This is a wonderful summer dress from Maiwa Handprints, located on Granville Island, here in Vancouver. Maiwa started as a fabric art supply store, but branched out into clothing, accessories and home décor

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It’s all in the Shoes

Mary/ June 26, 2015

Months ago, from the comfort of my home, I saw an ad for BC Business’s Top 100 Networking luncheon. It sounded like a great idea at the time; I was in a brave

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Styling in an Instant

Mary/ June 8, 2015

I’ve found a new art form. One that is immediate, easy, fun, and infinitely creative. I worked in advertising prior to returning to school to study design. In design school I found our

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The Book Beckons

Mary/ May 29, 2015

It is very heady and exciting working on my book. Nearly 100 first draft essays have almost all been given a once-over again. Along with my enthusiastic and talented photographer Kathy, shown above,

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Beautiful Breakfast

Mary/ April 22, 2015

My son ran in the Vancouver Sun Run this last Sunday and needed a good breakfast. It ended up being coconut/banana multigrain pancakes with yogurt.  Yum. I’ve been experimenting with food photography and

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Mary/ April 17, 2015

Each year I try to do a little art piece to donate to my friend’s fundraising gala. My friend has a daughter with autism. When her daughter started at the local public school

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Six Flowers

Mary/ April 14, 2015

I’ve been gathering ideas for the next artwork series. I’ve always loved flowers, leaves, stones, skies – any bit of natural design that I come in contact with. I also love getting flowers

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