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Snow Day Baking: 3 Christmas Treats

Mary/ December 13, 2016

The unusually heavy snow here in Vancouver created a good opportunity to stay home in my PJ’s and bake. The sweet smells coming from the oven, the warmth and coziness, doing something I

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Crazy Simple Cookies

Mary/ July 21, 2015

You’ve got to love a recipe with two ingredients. Really, only two. Take 2 ripe bananas. Mush them up with a fork till smooth. Add 1 cup of oatmeal (uncooked, flakes, regular or

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Sweet Tarts

Mary/ June 22, 2015

Fresh Fruit tarts are so lovely, happy and bright. My mouth waters when I see them, but I’m usually a little disappointed as the crust seems too “manufactured” or they are already soggy. 

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Cooking with Glass

Mary/ March 7, 2015

I love my glass cookware. Along with my beloved cast iron, it’s what I use the most. Top five reasons: -It is inexpensive to buy and replace and it is pretty darn durable.

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New Life for Old Apples

Mary/ February 1, 2015

Yeah, you know…in the bottom of the produce drawer, in the fridge, or in the bottom of the fruit bowl…those apples…the ones that are getting a little long in the tooth? I hate

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Recycled Chocolate

Mary/ December 29, 2014

Sometimes when I’m baking (in particular melting chocolate) things don’t always work out as planned. Sometimes chocolate is temperamental if the conditions aren’t quite right (level of heat or length of time melting

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Cookie Time

Mary/ November 4, 2014

Yes… I start my Xmas baking early. It’s how I get it done….I sneak in a batch of something a few times a week and then presto, mid‐December comes around and there are

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