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Designing a Life

Mary/ January 3, 2017

I started posting this picture of my garage/office just because it looked lovely last night, in the crisp clear evening, with some strange and rare snow here in Vancouver… Then I thought –

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I Love My Job

Mary/ January 21, 2016

There are days when we get frustrated and have to do the tough or mundane parts of our jobs, but there are also times when everything sings… when you love what you do.

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Good News Shoes

Mary/ December 28, 2015

I worked very hard this summer. I had two large project competitions going at the same time. Once the dust settled and they were submitted we then had to wait to hear….hear if

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Forts are for Adults Too

Mary/ July 9, 2015

Do you remember as a kid how fun it was to create forts in the living room with quilts and blankets draped on top of chairs and tables? Although it is not scorching

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Styling in an Instant

Mary/ June 8, 2015

I’ve found a new art form. One that is immediate, easy, fun, and infinitely creative. I worked in advertising prior to returning to school to study design. In design school I found our

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Mary/ March 23, 2015

Had the pleasure of catching a fabulous exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver the other weekend. It was called “From Rationing to Ravishing” and exhibited women’s fashions from the 1930’s onward, through war

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Ode to Ruska

Mary/ January 24, 2015

Hard to believe one could write a few paragraphs about one’s dishes! My dishes have an interesting story. Arabia of Finland’s “Ruska” pattern was designed by Ulla Procope in the early 1960’s. My

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Mary/ November 28, 2014

A close friend of mine who lives in another part of B.C., was getting ready to host her parents: they were coming to stay with her and her husband, travelling from a smaller

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