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I love consignment/thrift shops. I love the thrill of the hunt. I love that I can continue my wonderful habit of wearing something different almost all the time, without breaking the bank.

It’s like a fashion safari…hunting through the racks, until… wait! You spot something.  I usually stay very broadminded and take lots of things into the changing room.  I particularly love my wonderful local shop, Grand Central Consignment, here in New Westminster, as it caters to sizes 10 and up.  I have many opportunities to find things there that fit me.

I find all kinds of things: from subtle elegant work-horse items to extravagant over the top once a year kinds of things.  This trip, I tried on about 25 pieces, and had to narrow it down and only take ten.  Most of them were around ten dollars: Calvin Klein linen pants, another pair black linen pants with a nice tie belt, a shiny white textured blouse, a black and white sweater, and oatmeal coloured sweater, a sheer black and tan gingham shirt, a terracotta and black striped long sleeved T, a zig-zaggy black a white top, and a Jones Studio black silky coat with copper top-stitching that would be totally at home with a fancy little black dress.  I’d say that was pretty good value for my $100.

Another time, I popped in the day before a gala, and found a great formal gown to wear the next evening, for $25.

100 dollars dress

In this same vein, you might enjoy a TED talk called “Wearing Nothing New”, given by Jessi Arrington a Brooklyn designer who never buys new. Very entertaining!

It’s recycling at its best, lots of fun, and very satisfying.

Excuse me, I have to go change now….