Mary/ April 20, 2015/ domestic, Living

When I was on Saltspring Island last summer, we visited Sunset Farm, where they raise sheep and sell a variety of woolen products. I was enchanted by the beautiful blankets they had. Yes, the wool had come from their sheep, then it was sent to Prince Edward Island, on the other side of the country, to a woolen mill to be woven into a blanket, then back to their shop for sale. There was something special about purchasing that blanket and knowing the gorgeous pastoral landscape where the sheep had roamed and in general, the beautiful island that I love to visit. When the blanket warms me at night, I feel there is so much more of a connection.

I also made cupcakes today, with a gluten free flour blend – from a company in Burnaby that is only a few miles from here. Then I was admiring my new dishwashing liquid (so hard for me to find scents that I like and can tolerate) and it said on the bottle that it was made in Burnaby too!

I’m so happy to support businesses, and people, that may live down the street from me, that may be my neighbours. And I’ll be happily counting sheep – familiar Saltspring sheep – when I go to bed tonight.