Mary/ November 28, 2014/ Decorative/Domestic, Interiors

A close friend of mine who lives in another part of B.C., was getting ready to host her parents: they were coming to stay with her and her husband, travelling from a smaller community to the city hospital where her father would receive radiation treatment. They would be required to stay for 5 weeks.

My friends have a lovely, spacious home, but felt the lower floor guest suite and living area lacked the warmth needed to create a supportive environment that would make her parents stay a little easier.

We were talking on the phone, as we often do….(for hours…)… and I said: “I wish I could help you get it organized!”. She said: “Come and help! I’ll fly you up here for the weekend.”

So I went the other weekend, Friday night till Sunday night. We planned and talked Friday evening about what we could do to improve the space. She had made one purchase of some lovely red recliners.

Saturday morning, after a fabulous breakfast, we shopped and shopped. Throws, cushions, a large rug, investigating some furniture options. I can make quick decisions and give advice pretty easily, having been an interior designer for 25 years…I think it helped. At the end of the afternoon we got busy, prepped walls and painted the bedroom. Then put our feet up with another glorious meal – her husband was keeping us well fed!

Sunday morning we got up, painted another coat in the bedroom, shopped some more, hung drapery hardware, sewed a few seams, ate some more and then I headed home. Even though I had a sore throat and felt quite under the weather, it didn’t phase me.

We had a blast, got to talk and talk, and talk…and made such progress. We worked side by side and were so satisfied with our efforts and the result. The room is done, and it will serve her parents well later this year….What a wonderful daughter and son-in-law they have. How caring and generous and supportive. What wonderful friends I have. I was so happy to help.